Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Since I was very young, I was a reader.

I’ve always loved books. I love the quiet of them, the feel of the pages, the smell. I love the escape of books – how the world around me always falls away as I start a story. I love the history of how each one is handed around from friend to friend. And I really love the conversations that books (both good books and terrible ones) begin.

My idea for this blog is that it will offer a thought-provoking and, well, fun guide to the books you should read (and to the ones you should go to all lengths to avoid). Reading is such a solitary and time-consuming pursuit that sometimes I wonder at its real value outside my own mind. I know that it enriches my inner life hugely; I’m always happier when “into” a book or, better yet, into a productive author – but my reading does no real work unless I'm sharing something about what I read. Besides, I’ve always loved giving book “prescriptions” based on someone’s reading preferences. I’m bossy helpful like that, but it does make me honestly happy when someone really loves something I’ve given them to read.

Also, I read a lot of everything. Don’t expect me to go into raptures over Homer or Joyce here (at least, not regularly). I read some hot mess TRASH. And I read a lot of really smart stuff too. Prepare yourself for chick lit (some of it is great! I promise), as well as mysteries (lots!), creative non-fiction, and yes, some classics. But what I really don’t want is for this space to become a collection of book reports, because NOTHING is more mind-numbing than the dreaded book report (the horror). My hope is that this blog will grow into an intellectual zone for discussion among readers about all sorts of books and how they relate to our lives, how they make us think in new ways.

Here’s the problem: This scares the shit out of me. Writing something completely creative (other than a facebook status update) is out of my comfort zone. Like, way out. I am VERY critical of what I read, so I expect that you are too – of this. That means that I’m terrified not only of the blank page, but of the audience (you! You scare me!) who will be judging my opinions. Plus, I fear the commitment this will entail, and I worry that my writing time will consume my reading time, which is why I’ve never really been a writer, not even of a diary. So I’m basically terrified of all of it, of the entire blogging process. (I am woman; hear me, uh, stammer?) But as a SAHM of three small children and a thinking person, I need this. I need something I’ve created, just for myself.

I’m Sarah and this is my blog. I hope to hear from you!


  1. "I am woman; hear me, uh, stammer?" - love this. I think it should be your title, but I'm not being critical or judgmental or any of that. (=

    Congrats on starting your blog. I love the title, love your first post, and I think having a blog to discuss books will be fun! Can't wait to read more.

    And I love that I'm your first member.

  2. Whoo-Hooo!!!! I love it. It sounds like the perfect marriage of conversation and good writing. I am so PROUD of you!!!!

    When you start getting mad cash from adds, I want a cut.

  3. You have always inspired me to read EVERYTHING and I am pleased when we agree on the quality of the book, but also love when we don't quite see eye to eye. Looking forward to more ideas and critiques. Did I spell that right?

  4. Yay! Thanks for the encouragement gals!

  5. Congrats!I am excited for you! This will be so fun! Can't wait to read with you...Also - I can totally hook you up with a First Edition That Special Bond if you have on your list...

  6. This is awesome! I love how your intro was funny, insightful, practical, and honest. Plus, perfect is boring and nobody can relate to that anyways. I've always enjoyed the books you have recommended, and I'm excited to follow your blog!

  7. This is great!! Just remember the blog is for you, not you for the blog. So blog when you feel like it, don't when you don't.
    I know I need a little kick in the pants to read, and I need some good suggestions and a reason to read, so I'm excited to see what you think!